Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Backup of MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch: FAQ

1. Q: How many GKs can MERA be registered with?
A: Any number.
2. Q: How many RAS users can register with MERA?
A: Any number.
3. Q: Is it possible to make a call via the MERA from behind NAT? How do I configure that?
A: See question 35.
4. Q: Is it possible to run several MERA instances at one and the same computer?
A: No.
5. Q: Is MERA capable of substituting the original codec by another one?

Friday, October 24, 2014

How to use an online photo printing service

In order to know how to use an online photo printing service you need to read the following paragraphs. Here you can learn easy ways of selecting an online photo printing service. There are many online photo printing companies but selecting one which is reliable, affordable, convenient and committed is not easy, particularly if you are going to place your first printing order. Consider these.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Would you buy a Royce Leather RFID Blocking Fan Wallet

With modern technology taking over the world and the upsurge of latest gadgets and gizmos hitting the global market with amazing innovations every day, there has been a rising need to keep a strict check on the misuse of transmitted data from your personal devices. In order to counter attack the possibility of hacking and virtual threatening, high-end public places like the airport, shopping malls, theatres, and other similar places have devices that can read encoded information stored in the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, which are embedded in most credit cards, passports, driving license and other similar documents. You can buy it from eBags.com with a really low price.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Canada is really a good place to go

There are millions of people in the world who ardently aspire to live the classic ‘American Dream’ life at least once in their lifetime. The attraction for a modern and trendy kind of a vacation is not easy to decline when you get a chance to fly to one of the most sensational and dynamic country in the American continent. Yes, Canada is the wannabe destination we are talking about. Let’s have an idea of the different places to visit and numerous things to do when you are in this majestic country.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Teach your son how to print a banner

How to print a Banner without using professional assistance?

Banners are considered the essential sources of promotion and marketing. In most of the cases the banners are used for the personal introduction. On the other hand, the banners are also used to show something really essential and important. With the passage of time the banners are being used for multiple purposes. It is no longer a big problem to make the banners as required.If you use 123inkjets coupon code, you can get your any printing job done quickly and cheaply.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dads Initiate, Serve and Guard Love

My previous article was a reminder that God is the author of all life. ("Call no man Father" refers to the sole authorship of life that belongs to God the Father.) The Father initiates life, and man as father is to share in the initiation of life. We see that the guardianship of life begins before the new life. A father must guard the civilization of love from the harm from outside but also from himself. That means that a man must guard every woman from his own desires, which stem not from true sonship or fatherhood, but from self gratification.
Every woman is to be a subject of love and not an object of use. This begins when a man is young as he must learn to treat all human beings and all women with proper dignity and respect. He is to learn to value virginity as a gift of innocence that is to be guarded in every way both in himself and in others. As a boy grows into manhood the responsibility grows. He is to preserve himself and others for the gift of self. Even after marriage a man must guard his wife and children from his own frailty. This is why the Holy Father has reminded men not to lust after their wives for it makes them an object of use and abuses their true dignity. It is that dignity which was authored by God that he must serve. Contraception is not a service of the gift of self but rather a violation of the gift and serves only selfishness, fear and the lack of trust in Divine Providence.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tom Hardy, Teen Daughters and Modesty

Are there any Dads out there who have had experience in the frustrating quest to give good criteria to their teenage daughters on the subject of style in choosing clothes? My answer to the problem has been to say the least, unorthodox. It requires a strong stomach, lots of patience and in some cases, some real cash. I'm talking about…… Shopping with Dad. Yikes!!

Father Knows Best

First let me suggest some notions that may seem controversial but I have found to be true.