Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six Good Ways to Avoid Spoiling Your Kids

Let's thank Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Zimmerman from Minnesota for these helpful hints:
  1. Whether you give regular allowances or not, the important thing is that their pockets be relatively empty. Instead give them lots of love, understanding, respect, company and freedom.
  2. Just as parents should anticipate and plan chats on the facts of life, so too dad should periodically acquaint each child with the family's financial facts of life.
  3. Few toys and bad ones, but lots of siblings-living toys. Don't try to buy their affection by all kinds of expensive, high-tech gadgets. What kids want is company; that's why they gravitate toward kids who have learned how to have fun on their own. The best gift? Another occupant for the cradle. Next best? Really good books.
  4. Stand your ground and let them brown-bag lunch at school, at work, on trips. There's no reason why your family should be indentured to McDonald's.
  5. Again stand your ground and keep chauffeuring to a bare minimum. Let them become Ph.D.s in your area's public transportation system.
  6. Each child should have his or her garden (and mini-orchard) and be counted on to supply fresh produce for the family board and deep freeze.

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